Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground

Rules for 2012 Season


      1.     The camping season is from April 15th to October 15th.  

      2.     Use of your site off season is permitted in accordance with the Rate Sheet. 

      3.     Campers must stop at the office and register before setting up camp.  The drop box at the office may

              be used to register when the office is unattended. 

      4.     Quiet hours are from 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. 

      5.     All vehicles must observe the 15 MPH speed limit while in the Campground.  This is for safety as well as

              to minimize dust. 

      6.     Motorcycles are allowed on the Campground only as primary transportation for entering or leaving the


      7.     ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles) are not permitted to be ridden on the Campground.  They may enter and exit on a trailer for use

               elsewhere.   Golf carts may be used for transportation on the property subject to not interfering with the activities of others.    

      8.     All activities at the Campground are at the camper's own risk.  Abuse of Campground property and

               equipment will be cause for eviction. 

       9.     A family for Campground purposes is two parents and their children through high school age. 

     10.     Parents/Guardians are responsible for the actions and safety of their children.  Do not leave them


     11.     Do not walk through other camper's sites whether they are occupied or not. 

     12.     Sub-letting of sites is subject to management approval. 

     13.     Written approval must be obtained before any changes are made to campsite or campground.  This

               includes decks, sheds and docks.  

     14.     Seasonal units may be left on-site year round at the owner's risk providing a $100.00 non-refundable

              deposit has been made for the following year.  Otherwise, the unit must be removed from the

              Campground by December 1st. 

     15.    All sales of campers and transfers of sites must be done through the Campground owners.  The owners are not obligated to

                accept the new owner of an RV into the Campground and can require the unit to be removed from the Campground.  Seller

                and buyer both are responsible for rent payment up to the date ownership is transferred.  

     16.    If a camper leaves the Campground, he is to remove all decks, sheds and

              docks promptly or they become the property of the Campground or of the new site holder.   If a camper is sold to a new owner it

              is possible with Campground Owner approval to include decks, sheds and docks in the sale. 

     17.    Pets must be leashed and accompanied, and they must be kept quiet.  Do not leave them unattended. 

     18.     Place all kitchen type garbage in plastic garbage bags and dispose of them in the dumpster.  The

               Campground dumpster is for garbage generated at the Campground only.  It is not for disposal of TV sets, furniture,

               mattresses, beds, gas grills, appliances, etc.  Junk refrigerators are to be hauled away by the owner. 

     19.     When camping on sites without sewer service, environmental regulations require all waste water

               to be drained into closed containers. 

     20.     Your campsite must be kept neat and clean. 

     21.     Motors cannot be operated before 9:00 A.M.

     22.     Only electric trolling motors are permitted on the lower lake. 

     23.     All docks are private property.  Written permission from the dock owner must be obtained before using them. 

     24.     Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground does not assume liability for fire, theft, or damage of any type to

               any trailer, car, boat or personal property. 

     25.     Large items are not to be placed in the dumpster or outside of it.  They are to be taken with you for disposal elsewhere. 

     26.     Use of the Campground water system for washing of cars, trucks, etc. is not allowed.




Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground

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