These are full hook-up sites with water, sewer and electricity included in the rental rate.  Both 30 Ampere and 50 Ampere sites are available.  Several of these sites are now pull through sites that can handle the larger recreational vehicles. The monthly rate for these sites is $400.00; the weekly rate is $100.00.   

     The campground is not served by cable TV.  Some of our renters have gotten portable satellite dishes and subscribed to satellite TV.  It is also possible to get internet service via satellite. 

     For those staying a longer period of time, telephone service is available from Frontier Communications.  It is also possible to get a DSL phone line from them. 

     WI-FI internet service is not available on the campground.  Cell phone service is available at the campground, and of course it is possible to to use a cell phone for internet service or as a modem for a laptop or desktop computer. 

     Although laundry service is not available on the campground, it is available in Wyalusing, Wysox and Towanda. 

     Some of our customers have arranged with local propane companies to have larger bottles delivered so that they do not have to keep filling the smaller bottles on recreational vehicles. 

     These sites are handled mainly on a first come first served basis due to the unpredictability of arrivals and departures.  We can, however, hold a site for a few days for someone traveling to the area so that they can know that they have a place to stay. 

     The campground is 14 miles from Wyalusing, 14 miles from Wysox, and 18 miles from Towanda.  State Route 706 goes from Wyalusing to Stevensville.  The Campground is 1.7 miles from the Stevensville post office on SR 1012. 

     All rentals include fishing in the two lakes with no fishing license being required.  There are no limits on possession or the number of fish that can be caught.   Fishing is permitted 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 

     Rentals include use of your own boat on the two lakes should you wish to do so.  Electric trolling motors only on the smaller lake. 

     Payment is by check or cash.  We are not set up to handle credit or debit cards. 

     For people not having a recreational vehicle, we have space available in the rental units at most times.  For sharing of these units by a few people we can offer rates lower than local motels.  The rental units do not have TV sets.  It is possible to bring your own set and a portable satellite dish.  It is also possible to get internet service via satellite. 

     A physical address for the campground so that it can be found by GPS Navigation Systems does not exist at this time.  The County is in the process of assigning addresses, but we do not know how soon it will happen or what the time delay will be before GPS systems can pick up the changes.  Call us if you need directions to the Campground.  The following could be of use if you wish to try using GPS:  Stevens Township, Lake Road T-639, ZIP code 18845, SR 1012, and Leisure Lakes Road.  Some GPS systems have been known to route people over dirt roads in the area that have no winter maintenance. 


Telephone:  570-746-3742


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Alpine Meadow Lakes Campground                                   

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